Monday, April 30, 2018

All About Alain

Our team at TL Direct Acquisitions is as eclectic and unique as they come…and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A melting pot of athletes, academians, musicians, comedians, and entrepreneurs, we are united in our diversity and a stronger organization because of it!
Meet Alain Mignot, Corporate Trainer at TL Direct Acquisitions and this month’s featured team member! Due to Alain’s outstanding performance over the last 14 months in our Management Training Program, we wanted to interview him and learn more about what inspires and pushes him at work!
Alain, tell us about where you were born and your upbringing! 
I was born into a Panamanian/Jamaican/Chinese family and raised in Miami, FL as the youngest of three boys! My upbringing was filled with lots of cultures and great music, and I attribute my passion for audio engineering to growing up with 2 parents whose musical tastes varied from reggae, merengue, jazz, and salsa to opera! At 14, I started pursuing music more seriously, learning the ins and outs of editing and adjusting soundtracks from my bedroom.
Where did life bring you after graduation?
After graduation, I started a Pre-Medical program, with intentions of pursuing a career in pharmacy. A year of that helped me realize that I had to do work I was passionate about, not just “interested” in. I dropped everything and moved to Orlando to attend Full Sail University, a school tailored for the arts & entertainment industries. I participated in an accelerated program and received my Associates in Audio Engineering in a year. With that, I moved back home to Miami hungry and eager to work. I was placed, through the help of my University, at Circle House Studios, and fell in love with the opportunity to make music on a daily basis. I worked there for 2 years before moving into freelance work. I grew my own portfolio independently before my mom and I decided to relocate to Atlanta to be closer to one of my older brothers and his 4 daughters!
How did you hear about TL Direct? 
Being new to the city, I wanted to also try something different that would also support my music career. When I saw a job opening that offered hands-on management training, I knew that would be beneficial to me in more ways than one. I applied online, came in for my interview, and a year later I would say it worked out perfectly! The work challenges me, my coworkers entertain me, and I’m learning tangible business skills that benefit me as a music producer myself.
What has been your best memory with the company?
Any time I get to travel, that is a great memory! I’ve been to Los Angeles, New Orleans, Asheville, Columbus, Dallas, and soon to be Houston for a conference at the beginning of June!
What do you bring to TL Direct Acquisitions?
I truly care about people and believe everyone has an incredible opportunity to better their lives here in our Management Training Program. That sincerity and belief help me do well with any personality that steps foot in our company!
How would you describe the company culture in 3 words?
Professional, positive, and familial.
What advice do you have for someone starting in the company?
Give yourself time to see what you’re fully capable of. Trust the systems that the company has in place and the growth potential that’s available. Rome wasn’t built in a day; your career and development will take time but it will be well worth it!
What are you doing in your free time outside of work? 
I spend my weekends with family and enjoying my 4 nieces! I love sports, so if I’m not playing basketball, football, or bowling myself, I’m watching the Dallas Cowboys or Miami Heat!
Alain, you’re an inspiration to many here at TL Direct Acquisitions and we’re so glad to share your story with even more. Keep up the tremendous work and we can’t wait until we’re blogging about your promotion to Assistant Management this summer!

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