Monday, April 30, 2018

All About Alain

Our team at TL Direct Acquisitions is as eclectic and unique as they come…and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A melting pot of athletes, academians, musicians, comedians, and entrepreneurs, we are united in our diversity and a stronger organization because of it!
Meet Alain Mignot, Corporate Trainer at TL Direct Acquisitions and this month’s featured team member! Due to Alain’s outstanding performance over the last 14 months in our Management Training Program, we wanted to interview him and learn more about what inspires and pushes him at work!
Alain, tell us about where you were born and your upbringing! 
I was born into a Panamanian/Jamaican/Chinese family and raised in Miami, FL as the youngest of three boys! My upbringing was filled with lots of cultures and great music, and I attribute my passion for audio engineering to growing up with 2 parents whose musical tastes varied from reggae, merengue, jazz, and salsa to opera! At 14, I started pursuing music more seriously, learning the ins and outs of editing and adjusting soundtracks from my bedroom.
Where did life bring you after graduation?
After graduation, I started a Pre-Medical program, with intentions of pursuing a career in pharmacy. A year of that helped me realize that I had to do work I was passionate about, not just “interested” in. I dropped everything and moved to Orlando to attend Full Sail University, a school tailored for the arts & entertainment industries. I participated in an accelerated program and received my Associates in Audio Engineering in a year. With that, I moved back home to Miami hungry and eager to work. I was placed, through the help of my University, at Circle House Studios, and fell in love with the opportunity to make music on a daily basis. I worked there for 2 years before moving into freelance work. I grew my own portfolio independently before my mom and I decided to relocate to Atlanta to be closer to one of my older brothers and his 4 daughters!
How did you hear about TL Direct? 
Being new to the city, I wanted to also try something different that would also support my music career. When I saw a job opening that offered hands-on management training, I knew that would be beneficial to me in more ways than one. I applied online, came in for my interview, and a year later I would say it worked out perfectly! The work challenges me, my coworkers entertain me, and I’m learning tangible business skills that benefit me as a music producer myself.
What has been your best memory with the company?
Any time I get to travel, that is a great memory! I’ve been to Los Angeles, New Orleans, Asheville, Columbus, Dallas, and soon to be Houston for a conference at the beginning of June!
What do you bring to TL Direct Acquisitions?
I truly care about people and believe everyone has an incredible opportunity to better their lives here in our Management Training Program. That sincerity and belief help me do well with any personality that steps foot in our company!
How would you describe the company culture in 3 words?
Professional, positive, and familial.
What advice do you have for someone starting in the company?
Give yourself time to see what you’re fully capable of. Trust the systems that the company has in place and the growth potential that’s available. Rome wasn’t built in a day; your career and development will take time but it will be well worth it!
What are you doing in your free time outside of work? 
I spend my weekends with family and enjoying my 4 nieces! I love sports, so if I’m not playing basketball, football, or bowling myself, I’m watching the Dallas Cowboys or Miami Heat!
Alain, you’re an inspiration to many here at TL Direct Acquisitions and we’re so glad to share your story with even more. Keep up the tremendous work and we can’t wait until we’re blogging about your promotion to Assistant Management this summer!

What is it like to work at TL Direct Acquisitions?

A question we often get from individuals contemplating a career at TL Direct Acquisitions is “what are the benefits of working for your company?” We love when people ask this. In order to boast a healthy career, the relationship has to be mutually beneficial. People naturally want to know that the company they are going to dedicate themselves to for years is going to take care of them in return. With this in mind, we sat down and thought about the many benefits we offer to all TL Direct Acquisitions team members and defined them into the following 5 categories.
Professional Growth
In what we think is the biggest benefit of them all, the opportunity for unlimited growth potential is one of a kind. We often hear that people enjoy their current positions but are dissatisfied with the advancement structure, so we vowed upon starting TL Direct Acquisitions that that would not be the case in our company. Every individual is given equal opportunity to progress into leadership and management roles, barring the work ethic and performance is there. We recognize this growth is unique, therefore, the talent we accept into our company is unique. The ambitious, hungry, entrepreneurial type do best here in our Management Training Program.
Challenging Work
Complimentary to our clear, structured advancement opportunities is the chance to have challenging, thought-provoking work. People often get caught up doing menial, mind-numbing work, rather than holding a role that forces them to become a better version of their professional self. At TL Direct Acquisitions, we recognize the strengths each team member brings to our organization, as well as the areas needing improvement. We encourage the personal/professional development of each individual through situational leadership training, management seminars, and extensive networking opportunities. Anyone who has a dull day at TL Direct Acquisitions was not working hard enough.
Uncapped Earning Potential 
We believe people should be paid what they’re worth, not based on the hours they put in. (We’re sure you’ve all worked with someone who clocked in and out and did little in between but made as much as you.) We found the concept of “performance-based” pay perfect for our business model and made it a staple in our company that you could dictate both your growth and your pay. For this reason, we have individuals in our organization that easily make over $50,000 in an entry level marketing & sales position simply because they’re willing and able to outwork and out-study others.
The camaraderie aspect of TL Direct Acquisitions is also a MASSIVE benefit of working with our company. We know from personal experience that it is uncommon to work with like-minded, goal-oriented people who have common interests and work ethic. By grouping people of different backgrounds with similar aspirations, we have bred a culture that competitive go-getters thrive in. By hosting a weekly team event both inside and outside of the office, we ensure that our crew gets to know each other outside of the suits and ties.
If you love to travel and plan to work at TL Direct Acquisitions, be sure to have your passport ready! Offering monthly regional travel opportunities, quarter stateside trips, and annual international rest & relaxation weekends, our company means business when it comes to rewarding our people through travel. We believe traveling promotes networking, as well as an opportunity to stretch and expand comfort zones, so whether our team is packing their bags for Florida or Puerto Vallarta, the memories are there to be made!

A career at TL Direct Acquisitions requires dedication and tenacity but is well worth the effort required. Thanks to the culture built by our CEO, Terry Lynch, we know that people that are valued and appreciated will always go above and beyond. The past 5 years have shown us that and built a foundation of excellence we will continue to compound upon!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Meeting Monique: The #BOSSBABE of TL Direct Acquisitions

moAt TL Direct Acquisitions, we value hard work and competition. People who excel in our company are willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to be successful. Corporate Trainer Ny’queria Monique Williams, aka “Mo”, is a prime example of a hardworking individual always seeking to be something bigger and better.
Born in Pascagoula, MS, Mo was heavily involved in gymnastics and dance – gymnastics being her favorite. She attended a private Christian school until her sophomore year of high school, when her family moved to the Atlanta, GA area. Mo has always understood the value of hard work, so having 2 jobs at the age of 17 was not unusual for her. She worked at country court house for the Solicited General and also at a Gap outlet. Describing herself as “shy” as a teenager, she wanted to be more of a people person – a skill that would later be crucial in her career.
After graduating high school, Mo attended Georgia State University, where she studied sociology. She had goals to become an anesthesiologist or lawyer, but she soon realized she didn’t care much for science or spending tons of money on law school. Mo’s parents moved to Texas for work, but Mo decided to stay at Georgia State, giving her life lessons on independence and self-sufficiency.
During and after college, Mo tried out different jobs, working at places such as Public grocery store and the Movie King. She found something more long term working for Toyota as Business Development Center Representative, but after working there for a year, Mo realized she craved a bigger role that allowed room for personal and professional growth.
After searching for new opportunities online, Mo came across TL Direct Acquisitions on She was invited in for an interview with our CEO, Terry Lynch, to learn more about our company. At first, she was unsure about the performance based aspect of the company, but it sounded like a great opportunity. Mo recalls asking Terry A LOT of questions to make sure it was something she really wanted. Even though she had about 5 other job offers, she had made her mind up that TL Direct Acquisitions was the place she wanted to be!
The greatest lesson that Mo has learned during her time at TL Direct Acquisitions is that your attitude determines your success. She lives by the Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Mo has also learned how much of an impact you can have on others’ lives, so it is crucial that you influence people in a positive way.
Mo always knew that one day she would be someone important, helping people and making a difference. Our CEO is one of her greatest mentors due to his selflessness and open door policy. Mo says, “Terry always takes the time to listen and talk with me. He will make time to train and teach me when I need it no matter what he has going on at the time.” She also looks up to Corporate Trainer Phil because whenever she is unsure of how to do something or needs leadership advice, she knows he’ll have the answer.
19149189_1737332576296390_8639624416882070686_nOutside of work, Mo enjoys hanging with friends, riding ATVs, and reading. Currently, she is reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but Mindset is her favorite book of all time. Mo describes herself as a HUGE “foodie”, and she loves trying new restaurants – especially anywhere that has fresh seafood!
TL Direct Acquisitions is incredibly proud of all Mo has accomplished at our firm, and we can’t wait to see her running her own company in the near future. Congratulations, Mo, on being chosen for this month’s featured leader; the example you set and your professional demeanor is truly admirable!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Meet Our CEO!


Hometown: Meridian, Mississippi
Education: Sports Medicine / Alabama
Favorite Quote: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison
Hobbies: Watching football (ROLL TIDE!)
Best Lesson Learned: Work hard for what you want and you can have it.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Business Trip is a Go!

The TL Direct Acquisitions team is heading to Houston! We are excited to head to down South to help train a client's office on Sales Force - the #1 CRM software in the world! Follow our trip on our social media sites!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

TL Direct Acquisitions Receives an "A" Rating on BBB!

Even after being out of school for a while (we don't want to think about how many years it's been, haha!), we're still getting A's! šŸ˜‰šŸŽ“ The Better Business Bureau has awarded TL Direct Acquisitions an A rating based on our business practices and company reputation!

View our rating on the BBB's website:


Thursday, May 4, 2017

TL Direct Acquisitions Is Hiring

Our firm is growing and due to expand again before the end of 2017! We're now hiring Sales Representatives capable of starting in an entry level position and gradually move them into positions of Team Lead and Sales Management. To learn more, visit here!